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Real Coin Digital Capital Production and Social Trading Platform.
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  • Special System

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      Market information system
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      Documentary system
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      Social trading
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      Product risk control
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      New currency listing review

    All Products

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      Currency trading
      Currency trading is divided into three major sectors: mainstream currency area, potential currency area, and Shanghai new currency area.
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      OTC trading
      Users can hold legal currency to directly exchange digital assets such as BTC, ETH, USDT and so on. Currently Real Coin will support mainstream fiat currencies on the market
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      Token derivatives
      Affected by market expectations and liquidity demand, the price of tokens fluctuates greatly. In order to hedge the risk of price changes reasonably, Real Coin will develop a token forward contract.
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      Token Futures
      The token futures are more standardized contracts. The standardization is embodied in the unified stipulation of the number of units and the delivery date of the contract by Real Coin. Therefore, the token futures adopts the trading platform trading mode of open bidding. At present, the platform provides the top 10 token futures by market value.
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      Perpetual contract
      The Real Coin platform will provide a perpetual contract that can replicate the situation in the spot market with high leverage. Currently Real Coin provides a leverage of up to 100 times.
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      Innovative products
      The Real Coin platform will provide innovative insurance products, and the Real Coin platform will bear part of the user's investment risk.

    Secure and Regulated

    Less fees, more crypto
    • On top of the self-developed underlying blockchain network, and learn from the past mature public chain system to ensure the highest level of security.
    • Ensure that users can enjoy the top transaction speed experience, the highest transaction speed can reach millions.
    • The transaction information is put on the chain to prevent the inflated I0U that may occur in the operation of the trading platform, misappropriating user deposits and gambling against the market; reduce the risk of using the trading platform, and increase the transparency of the trading platform.

    Wallet system

    Start with as little as $1

    Separate management of hot and cold wallets, and use multi-signature technology to monitor the status of wallets and assets in real time, as well as special private key management methods.

    Performance extension system

    The simplest way to buy crypto

    Redundant expansion system of load balancing technology.

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