• To colleagues who agree with the society:

    With the gradual advancement of the ecological process, major breakthroughs have been made in the sustainable layout of industrial ecology and the sustainable development of the overall ecology of the exchange, which has also been strongly supported by the blockchain industry fund and supported by more institutions in the future listing planning. In order to participate in the wealth feast, cooperate with the majority of fans and enable more fans to participate in the listing, the foundation proposes to open the original shares of the exchange. Under the discussion of the foundation, the market is currently one of the pledge groups. In the first stage, the price of the underlying stock is adjusted by scy 10 yuan each. Please refer to the prospectus for details. Remember the channel so that your assets won't be lost.

    1. Exchange consultation mailbox server001@realcoin.vip. Send a message by email (I want to get the original stock of the exchange). After receiving the reply, submit the transfer as required.
    2. All investors need to understand the whole investment process. Once they accept the transfer notice, they are regarded as effective investors.
    3. The foundation reserves the right of final interpretation of all investor laws.

    Hedge fund investment management department

  • Equity recruitment methods of the Exchange:

    1.You must confirm the equity you are going to acquire when you subscribe.

    2.A certificate of interest that presupposes you to make a profit on the exchange when you subscribe for shares in the exchange.

    3.The equity you subscribed for will be the only proof of interest to exchange the shares after listing.

    4.Carefully fill in the information of stock exchange. (Name, ID number, E-mail. Digital wallet address BSC.)

    5.after receiving the recovery of the official email, transfer their digital assets to obtain the certificate.

    6.The first phase of the release of 1.5 million USD quota, private placement time is From March 1 to 7, 2022, the exchange's profit distribution will be distributed to the partners of the crypto wallet every quarter, the first phase of the earnings will arrive within a week after the exchange platform digital assets launch. The stock exchange distribution is divided into three phases in the form of 1.5 times, 1.2 times and 1 times.

    7.Your assets will receive revenue each quarter once they arrive, and your address will be the only way to obtain them.

    Please fill in truthfully:


    Certificate No. :

    E - mail:

    Digital wallet address BSC: