• Realcoin digital asset trading platform is officially launched to redefine the future of digital assets!

    The progress of the industry is driven by innovation, and the change of the market is precipitated by consensus. Since its birth, the encryption market has changed rapidly. Several times of bitcoin's bulls and bears have led people to appreciate the infinite charm of digital currency. The diversified applications of Ethereum promote the link and penetration between digital currencies. The rise of defi has inspired people to think about the cross-border application of digital currency. Digital assets have witnessed explosive growth in 2021. With the rapid development of blockchain underlying technology, traditional financial institutions continue to enter the market, and the acceptance and public awareness of relevant concepts continue to improve. The digital asset industry is bound to go to a higher level. With the sharp growth of market value, digital asset trading is also extremely popular all over the world. More investors will participate in digital asset trading, and the trading platform still has huge room for growth.

    Real coin aims to build the world's first digital asset social trading platform that includes trading, information, social and other functions. Real coin will provide diversified trading service systems, including comprehensive market information system and documentary system. At the same time, real coin will vigorously promote social transactions. In addition to excellent investor tracking system, real coin will develop im instant messaging system, build investor community and encourage investors to exchange and learn from each other. Community construction enriches the source of investment information and assists investors in more comprehensive judgment and operation. Individual investors can also establish communities to jointly develop trading strategies and exchange investment experience. Meanwhile, real coin will set up an investor education section to provide users with professional, comprehensive and systematic digital asset investment education courses to help platform users bid farewell to the blind spot of investment and become qualified investors in the field of digital assets.

    Real coin will also establish a sound protection mechanism. Once the existing trading platform has loopholes or is stolen by hackers, it is difficult to compensate for the losses of users. In order to protect platform users, real coin has set up an investor protection foundation.

    At present, there are some industrial problems in the digital asset industry, such as low security, insufficient stability, lack of user protection mechanism, lack of investor education and so on. Real coin digital asset trading platform has given its own solutions to the above industrial problems.


    In the history of digital asset trading, many trading platforms have experienced hacker attacks leading to the loss of investors. In order to avoid such situations, real coin uses the hot and cold wallet isolation mechanism and offline multi signature technology to ensure the security of investors' assets, so as to fundamentally eliminate the possibility of investors' loss and abnormal data caused by hacker intrusion.


    Most trading platforms are always criticized by users for system stability. Real coin digital asset trading platform adopts the technical system and underlying architecture based on the brokerage model. By building a multi-layer server architecture and distributed data processing mode, it can support millions of levels of full memory and data matching per second. In extreme market conditions, it can avoid system instability and ensure the stable use of investors' system, Escort investors.

    Project investment:

    The investment analysis team of real coin digital asset trading platform, with more than 100 professional analysts in more than 20 countries around the world, selects valuable, landing and promising excellent blockchain projects around the world, and tries its best to help investors select high-quality digital assets.

    At present, the real coin digital asset trading platform has set up offices in more than 10 countries around the world, covering most high-quality blockchain projects around the world, and has reached strategic cooperation with a number of industry leading investment institutions to realize the global layout and the construction of digital asset ecology. The community has more than 100000 members.

    It is worth looking forward to that the real coin digital asset trading platform will actively explore the development of digital assets with the attitude of serving investors, innovating industries and exploring fields, and successively launch more high-quality products and digital assets to meet the trading needs of different investors. Although the real coin digital asset trading platform is still very young, from its team composition and comprehensive ecological layout, its ideal is not only that. In the future, I believe that the pattern of the digital asset field will have new changes. I look forward to the future of the real coin digital asset trading platform, but also the future of the digital asset field.

    The real coin digital asset trading platform will be officially launched on April 3, 2022 (US time). Let's look forward to the future performance of real coin.

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