• Recruitment prospectus

    Party A and Party B are based on common development, equality, integrity, cooperation and voluntariness. Party B's investment in Party A's industry shall be agreed upon by both parties through full consultation. Party A authorizes Party B to participate in the digital trading platform.

    I.the general

    At present, with the different attitudes of each country towards digital currency and digital points, different governments have different attitudes, and corresponding governments have also put forward different solutions. At present, China's trading platforms, especially those led by Huobi, have withdrawn from China, so it is unlikely that there will be certain restrictions and influences on digital currency transactions in the future. Therefore, the whole digital exchange market will soon be reshuffled, bringing a new outlet, with the policy compression of the trading circuit, exchanges in the future digital trading market can better reflect its value, in the field of digital trading to obtain greater returns. At present the world hedge fund committee decided in the industry investigation, present situation for digital currency, in combination with several funds, industry, together to create an international exchange, and in combination with the digital trade liberalisation of the country, to build a world-class exchange, and in the future, through the nasdaq listing plan arrangement. Meanwhile, we have completed the first round of exchange seed investment in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Europe and the United States.

    There are plans to launch angel rounds as efforts are stepped up across the exchange to speed up the listing process. In order to proceed smoothly, all investors need to enter into contracts with a clear understanding of the investment method, investment rights and responsibilities. All investors agree to participate in the angel round crowdfunding plan of the exchange in the form of digital currency assets (SCY, discounted cash value) and other digital assets (such as BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.). As one of the equity beneficiaries of the exchange, Party A and Party B agree to cooperate in the future value of the exchange in a sincere manner.

    Both parties shall perform their duties and obligations in accordance with the following provisions.

    II.Way of Investment

    1. In the next three to five years, Party A aims to achieve the listing standards of the capital market. Therefore, the requirements and standards of the shareholders recruited this time shall be implemented according to the listing standards of NASDAQ.

    2. The total equity value of the foundation's exchange assessed is $30 billion, based on no less than 25% of the IPO data, which is $7.5 billion of social raising. At the request of the greater China market, 10% of the IPO shares will be allocated for bidding. That is 750 million RMB standard, and the number of people is not less than 400 copies. The value of each share is about RMB 1.8 million, 0.1 share is RMB 180,000, 0.01 share is RMB 18,000, and the minimum standard for investment is 0.01 share. The total share of the exchange is 2.5%.

    3. The number of allotment shares enjoyed by each original stock prior to listing shall be exchanged for at least 1 times the number of outstanding shares, and the post-listing price of each share shall be based on the reference price of $150 per share, not to mention the reference price of $250 per share compared with Coinbase. The future premium space is also very large.

    4. Party B agrees to invest in digital currency assets (SCY, or BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.) and transfer relevant assets to Party A's wallet address within the agreed time:

    5.after the success of the party b transfer, uploaded to exchange website the mailbox, raise statistics provide screenshots proof, submit the relevant data such as identification, party a receives the capital, party b for party a authorizes party b share out bonus shares the beneficiary (authorization), party b shall enjoy the corresponding rights and interests and dividends and bear the corresponding obligations and responsibilities.

    6. Once the trading platform is successfully listed, The shares of Party B shall be converted into corresponding original tradable shares and Party B shall no longer enjoy dividends from the profits of the exchange.

    III.Corresponding rights and interests of shareholders during the investment period

    1. Enjoy annual (quarterly) pro rata profit dividend.

    2. Authorized by Party A, Party A shall have the right to manage and supervise the business.

    3. With party A's authorization and consent, Party A shall have the right to execute business and handle daily work.

    4. Have the right to make suggestions to Party A.

    Iv. Responsibilities of shareholders

    1. Do your job well.

    2. Actively assisted the business section in implementing various measures.

    3. Ensure the normal operation of external business.

    4. Cooperate with Party A to perform the work.

    V. Prohibited Behaviors:

    1. Party B shall not compete with party A's business with any individual or team during the period of becoming a shareholder.

    2. Party B shall not engage in activities detrimental to Party A's interests.

    Hedge Fund Investment Management Department